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Credit terms – What conditions and interest rates can I currently expect for a loan in Austria?

Credit terms - What conditions and interest rates can I currently expect for a loan in Austria?

Currently, the Austrian key interest rates are at a relatively low level. The credit of the house bank is currently as beneficial for the consumer as it has been for a long time. However, no-one can say how interest rates can stay as low as they are now, making it difficult to make forecasts for years to come.

Anyone who concludes a cheap loan agreement in Austria now and hopes that the credit conditions will remain that way can cope with completely different values ​​in a few years’ time. Of course, interest rates will not be as low as they are currently and will rise again in due course (there has already been a first increase in interest rates due to the rise in Maxibank, which is a common reference rate for loans).

Sound good but not so easy

Sound good but not so easy

One can therefore assume that one can easily set the current loan interest rates, which may sound good, but not so easy. There are also such measures as interest caps that can be used to protect against higher interest rates. The easy way to hedge against interest rates that are too high is also the construction kit.

Anyone who wants to think about the construction of a house, must be calculated at the moment with about 2-3% interest. No matter what loan it is, you should always try to prevent any loan and if one is necessarily, then you should be u. so that the load is as small as possible.