Applying for a Payday Loan: Banks Revealed in September Financial

We are in full swing already in September, which is by no means considered one of the most serious financial challenges of the year: most families have hardly recovered the ‘wallet shock’ of their holidays, and they have already had to shop for the kids to start their school year . many are still left, from home remodeling to car replacement.

However, only very few people are prepared for the tens of thousands and often hundreds of thousands. We have previously written that there are hardly any families in Hungary today who start saving a few months before the fall, so that the cashier does not crash.

Applying for a payday loan in a Difficult Period: The Autumn Trend Unchanged?

Applying for a Personal Loan in a Difficult Period: The Autumn Trend Unchanged?

Goodbank reported a high level of borrowing: in their opinion, starting a school is a significant factor. Relieving financial hardship , they are offering a discounted payday loan, now with periodic promotions. Anyone applying for a loan online in addition to the special interest rate will receive a constant discount of 100 basis points, or one percent discount on the transaction interest rate according to their announcement.

Foam on the cake is that bank customers virtually do not have to leave the apartment to apply for a payday loan and the whole process can be completed in 40 minutes while sitting in front of the machine. We have also written about the Goodbank online payday loan.

The largest domestic bank

The largest domestic bank

Also revealed that customers are satisfied with an average loan amount of around HUF 1 million , who are borrowing more consciously than in previous years.

“At our branch offices, especially in the countryside, we have very good personal relationships with our clients, so we know that the most common credit goals include redemption, real estate costs, buying higher-value technical items, buying a lower-value used car, family event expenses. and possibly health care costs, ” Goodbank told Good Finance.

That’s the only way to get a loan


Historically low base rates have also pushed up interest rates on loans significantly , which has led to rarely seen cheap prices in credit markets. Compared to the past, we can finance such expenses from external sources. In addition, applying is getting easier as you can apply for a loan on your computer, smartphone or just a phone call. However, it is a good idea to be sensible: we are still talking about a loan that needs to be repaid, so it is worth thinking carefully about what to choose. Five things to keep in mind:

  1. Use a loan calculator to find the best deals. Don’t make it because we know the clerk at the branch and are very kind, so we borrow from him. Let’s compete with financial institutions! Just a few clicks and we’ll find out who we’re good at.

  2. Don’t settle for interest, watch the APR! Interest is only part of the cost. The true benchmark is the total loan rate, which includes fees other than interest, so you can get a more comprehensive view of the cost of your loans.

  3. Let’s find the deals! From time to time, we can take various interest rate discounts that can make our loan cheaper.

  4. Take as much as we can pay back. You should not be indebted for an unexpectedly long, unpredictable period if you cannot be sure that you will be able to pay the installment.

  5. Let’s use the loan wisely! Let’s spend money consciously and invest in tools that help us move forward. Educating a kid is worth all the money, not a new TV.

We’ve also put together a summary of payday loans, which you should read before borrowing to make sure you understand everything. With this knowledge, you can easily decide whether to relieve the frequent shortage of money in September with a payday loan that can be used for home renovation or school expenses